Write For Rights, Write For Atena Daemi

Every year, Amnesty launches the “write for rights” movement; on Amnesty Canada, there is a call for Atena Daemi, the Iranian human rights activist jailed for her peaceful activism againstĀ  the death penalty.Atena Daemi, Write For Rights, November, 14, 2018, .jpg

iran_case_Atena Daemi, November, 16, 2018,

The link is here: https://e-activist.com/page/33086/action/1

I have written for her, but Amnesty Canada organized meetings, demonstrations, calls to the Iranian embassy, and actions like these.As I am not Canadian, I host my own event on my website.

It is not worth to write much to condemn the practice of death penalty in Iran; we all know that this country jails and hangs all its dissents.Death Penalty in Iran, Amnesty on Twitter, April, 14, 2018.jpg

This photo is property of Amnesty International.

Now Atena Daemi is at risk of the death penalty herself for having spoken out against it.This short post is to defend her, to protest against this injustice and against the death penalty in Iran.Atena Daemi, Twitter, November, 16, 2018, jpg


On Twitter,the hashtag for her is #Free Atena.Free Atena Daemi, November, 16, 2018,

So, if you want to be efficient in the defense of human rights, if you want to speak out against the death penalty in Iran, write for Atena, tweet for her.She has committed no delict; she is only a human rights activist, and a peaceful one.

#Write For Atena, #Free Atena.


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