Syrian National Coalition calls the international leaders for the political transition

After the French international arrest warrant of three dignitaries close to Assad, the Syrian National Coalition renews its calls towards international leaders to implement the UN Resolution 2254 and  be part of the political transition.assads_torture_chiefs_big, November 9, 2018,

With the Idlib Agreements broken by Assad , it has became an emergency to move forwards in this political transition.Assad breaks Idlib Agreements, Syrian National Coalition, October 20, 2018, .jpg

Assad and his accomplices continue, on the ground, to kill and torture Syrians in the whole territory: in these conditions, it is mandatory to form a government and elaborate a Constitution without Assad at the head of the power.syria_assad_murder_torture_war_bomb12, October 29, 2018, .jpg

Until now, all the United Nations Resolutions have been vetoed by Russia, because Putin is a strong ally of Assad. The UN Security Council must issue a condemnation of Assad, leading to the end of his power.

There is no future for a democratical Syria as long as Assad is leading the country. But the Syrian National Coalition cannot act alone.

International leaders must follow the example of France. Assad is responsible for crimes against humanity and for genocide, since the start of the Revolution in 2011: he must be held accountable for this.

A trial at the ICC, according to the Rome Statute, cannot be decided without the international community. RomeStatutEng1

It is up to international leaders, members of the United Nations, to help the Syrian National Coalition in its path to democracy.

In this perspective, the Coalition meets responsible in London, in Istanbul, and elsewhere .Their goal is clear: establish a true democracy in Syria, without Assad at the head of the power; unlike this, Assad must pay for his crimes.Syrian National Coalition in a meeting in London on political transition, November 1st, 2018, _XL.jpg

The Syrian National Coalition has a draft of Constitution : to be realized, the help of the international community is needed.

Syria cannot stay alone facing Assad, Putin, Rouhani, to implement this political transition.

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