After the Midterms, Trump is no more alone

I am happy to write that after the Midterms Elections, Trump is no more alone and cannot do the policy he did since his election.

There is now a counterpoint, this of the Democratic party, even if the Senate is still at the hands of the Republicans.US House of Representatives, Midterms 2018, November, 12, 2018, .png

But the victory of the Democratic party at the House of the Representatives is a big win: people told Trump they were fed up of his policy only for the 1°/°, for the disappearance of the middle class, and for his foreign policy.Midterms Vote, November, 12, 2018, jpg.jpg

As I often write on Syria, and countries of the Middle East, his immigration ban was profoundly shocking for it was inhumane.Refusing refugees at the borders when they came from countries at war , such as Syria, or dictatorships, such as Iran, is contrary to the tradition of welcoming foreigners wich is this of the USA.DREAMERS protest, January, 20, 2018.jpeg

Democrats could balance this attitude by a vote on this.Midterm+election+2018., November, 12, 2018, png.png

Moreover, he is a warmonger, and this must stop.On November, 11th, when he was in Paris, he met Putin instead of honoring the American heroes of WWI.

The US led Coalition in Syria kills many people, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights. The USA sell many weapons to Saudi Arabia, wich contributes to the war in Yemen; they are not alone, I know: the UK and France sell arms, too; but the wealthier land is the USA; no country in Europe is equal to the USA.

I sincerely hope that the Democrats will counter this policy, and  give  peace  a chance again.

The stakes for the four  coming years are the growth of the middle class, who lost much with Trump, the recognition of the Paris Agreement on climate change, a human policy with migrants, and the end of perpetual wars.US Midterms NYC, November, 12, 2018, .jpg

Yes, Trump is no more alone, but the stakes are high for the Democrats.




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