On Armistice Day, Trump cancels his visit to American Cemetary in France

Today, November 11th, is Armistice Day, the Day of commemoration of the end of WWI.

In Verdun, and close to this city, where the peace agreements were signed, there are many American cemeteries: this is normal, because many American died to free our country._Verdun_-US_Cimetière_de_Douaumont_, November, 11, 2018, .jpg

These dead , these heroes of the past, deserve a tribute, and, traditionally, the President of the USA attends and presides  the event, with French President.

But President Trump has cancelled his visit this year because of the weather in France; well, we all know that weather is really bad: rain everyday, risk of inundations, storm…

Is it a reason not to pay tribute to the American soldiers who died in 1911? US soldiers 1911_nationalarchivesusa, November, 11, 2018, .jpg

French papers are full of critics for this lack of respect.

The USA and France have a long common History: soldiers died for us in 1911; Americans liberated us from Nazi Occupation in 1945 in Normandy, on Debarkation Beaches.

They are a lot of American cemeteries in France, for many Americans died to free France.

Trump , one more time, proves that he is unfit to be President. French President will attend the ceremony under a hard rain : why not Trump?

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