France issues an international arrest warrant against 3 dignitaries close to Assad

Today I am happy to share a good new with you: on November 5th, France issued an international arrest warrant against three Syrian dignitaries close to Assad:

Ali Mamlouk, Jamil Hassan, and Abdel Salam Mahmoud.

3 Respnsables visés par la France, November, 9, 2018 .jpg

They are all responsible for torture ; they had important positions in the Assad Regime.

The new was announced both by French newspapers and by the FIDH on November 7th.Here are the documents of the FIDH concerning these criminals and the arrest warrants; they are both in English and in Arabic: PR FIDH-SCM-LDH-Dabbagh arrest warrants-ENGLISH

PR FIDH-SCM-LDH-Dabbagh arrest warrants-ARABIC

They have made numerous victims, even if until now it was not known .

Here is the photo of their complicity with Assad:

Syrie-la-justice-francaise-veut-arreter-trois-proches-de-Bachar-el-Assad.jpg, November 9, 2018.jpg and one of a responsible, Ali Mamlouk :  Ali Mamlouk, jpg, November 9, 2018.jpg

There is a long list of their victims, given by the FIDH:#DabbaghCase-VictimsProfiles-EN


The international arrest warrants are  a path to accountability wanted by the Syrian Opposition .There will be no justice for Syrians without it.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights publishes regularly updates on war crimes and crimes against humanity  by the Assad Regime, and stresses on the necessity of this accountability. It calls international leaders to judge the responsible for crimes against humanity at the ICC, according to International Conventions: Report_on_the_Most_Notable_Cases_of_Arbitrary_Arrest_en 

In this report, the Syrian Network for Human Rights calls for a judgement by the international community of all the responsible for crimes against humanity.

French arrest warrants are only a beginning.

I hope it will be followed by others: Assad himself cannot escape the justice.

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