My tribute to the White Helmets

In this post, I want to pay tribute to the White Helmets who daily risk their lives to save others’.

This is important now because they have been the object of a defamation campaign calling them “terrorists”. I can’t  bear that their devotion to save others  is defamed.

They are real heroes .Some died in their dangerous activity. Young White Helmets shot dead, Syria Awareness Campaign, August, 14, 2017.jpg

They act in the principle of the Qur’an : “Who saves a life saves the whole humanity”.

Across Syria, these volunteers have rescued many civilians from the bombings of Assad/Putin.

In Idlib now, the last nest of the rebels against Assad, they continue to save lives under Assad’s fire.The White helmets Syria, in Idlib,  August, 10, 2016.jpg

The White Helmets in Idlib, August, 31, 2018.jpg

They are committed to the education of kids, in the refugees camps:

Syrian refugees fleeing Daraa, The White Helmets on Twitter, July,, 5,, 2018.jpg

White Helmets with kid, May, 23, 2018jpg.jpgthey bring them books, they train them to rescue in dangerous circumstances : there is actually a call of the Syria Campaign in favor of them, to allow them to buy books for children :

Generally, the campaign in favor of the White Helmets is here:

I don’t write this to ask you to give money, but you can show your support.

You can, too, support them on social media; media tried to destroy their reputation; on social media, you can spread the world that they are heroes, and that in whole Syria civilians need them.

What would be Syrians without the White Helmets? The help sent by the UN is hijacked , as usually, by the Assad  Regime. Arab countries are not ready to be part of the political transition;  media, actually, don’t care of Syria: if there are few lines in a daily, it is about the returnees, and the risk of a terrorist attack in their homeland .

The White Helmets are the only daily rescue of Syrians. I am proud to follow them on Twitter.

They really deserve a warm tribute for their actions.

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