No political negotiations with Iran and Russia

No place for Assad in the political transition, Syrian Nation Coalition, November, 26, 2017The Syrian Network for Human Rights issued a statement saying that there will be no political negotiations with Russia nor Iran in the political transition.Demanding_sanctions_on_Russian_and_Iranian_companies_and_preventing_them_from_any_contribution_to_reconstruction_en

In effect, Russia is responsible for war crimes, because of its complicity with Assad. Moreover, it vetoed twelfth times the peace Resolutions of the UN Security Council.Crimes committed by Assad and Russia in Eastern Ghouta, December, 31, 2017 to January, 8, 2018.jpg

As for Iran, it is a religious dictatorship, accomplice of Assad, and wich finances terrorism in the region; in Syria, it worked with the Lebanese Hezbollah, a terrorist organization.Iran and Assad.jpg

For these reasons, these two countries must be excluded of all political negotiations. They cannot pretend be part of the reconstruction of Syria after having destroyed it; it is the same with Assad, who must be excluded of all discussions and judged for his crimes.

Now, the situation in Idlib is at a turning point: the FSA and the rebels must absolutely win this last nest of resistance.Idlib_Governorate_One_Year_after_the_De_Escalation_Agreement_Commenced_, SNHR, June, 16, 2018,,

#Eyes On Idlib.

Meanwhile, Assad bombs Aleppo and other towns.Syria today, Syrian National Coalition, November 1st, 2018, XL.jpg

The Syrian National Coalition met a  delegation in London, to stress on the importance of the political transition , conform to the Resolution 2254 of the United Nations.

All democracies, such as the UK , France, the USA, and such countries of the United Nations must be part of this political transition; we must add Turkey, wich was the guarantee of the Idlib Agreements.But dictatorships like Russia and Iran, wich are accomplices of Assad, must be excluded.

Neither Assad, nor Iran and Russia can build again  what they destroyed in eight years of a genocide.Syrian genocide, Twitter, Syrian Revolution Network, October,28,2017.jpg

For their use of chemicals, of torture, of siege, of enforced disappearance, they must be excluded: no peace talks with authors of a genocide.


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