#Free Shawkan

On September, 9, Reporters Without Borders, wich is usually a reliable source of information, announced that Shawkan will be released in few days. We are now at the end of October, almost in November, and Shawkan is still in jail.Shawkan behind bars, September 16, 2018png.png

When Shawkan will be free? He is imprisoned since 2013 only for having done his job as a photographer, by covering a demonstration in Cairo.Shawkan the photographer, September 16, 2018jpg.jpg

The accusations of spying, of being part of a terrorist organization, are wrong, and are only the testimony of the lack of freedom of expression in Egypt.

He was judged in a mass trial , without access to a lawyer, and sentenced to death for the reasons  given by the government.Shawkan in court, May, 30, 2018.jpg

Five years of jail for nothing are enough. In prison, he was dying  of Hepatitis C : the death sentence was useless.

We must recall that his photos were landscapes, streets with people, and had nothing to do with spying nor terrorism. Work by Shawkan , jailed nearly 5 years, and who received the 2018 price of UNESCO for his work, May, 1st.jpg

Photo By Shawkan, April, 21, 2018.jpg

He is only a professional photographer: this is not a delict.

I tweet for him, #Free Shawkan , and I write this post in solidarity with him .Free Shawkan, Twitter Screen shot, April, 21, 2018.jpg

Demonstrations were organized , but there is none where I live.

This is my own protest for his release. It is announced, as it was in September, but it is not .

I will continue to tweet for him, #Free Sawkan, until he is free.

And I raise my voice against the injustice he is victim of.

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