Expel Assad from the United Nations

The Syrian Network for  Human Rights just published a statement calling to expel the Syrian Regime from the United Nations for its numerous violations of the Charter.The_UN_General_Assembly_should_investigate_the_Syrian_regime_from_the_UN_en

In effect, the role of the United Nations such as definite in 1945 is to protect civilians and to commit in humanitarian work with other countries; any  country wich breaks this principle is excluded .uncharter

The Syrian Regime should be expelled of the United Nations because it broke these principles since 2011 by torture, enforced disappearance, use of chemical weapons, siege, and other crimes wich are violations of the UN Charter.Enforced  disappearance in Syria, from March 2011 to August 2017, Twitter , Syrian Network for Human Rights, August, 2017.jpg


The use of torture as a tool of war is systematical; as I write these lines, detainees are still numerous in Assad ‘s prisons. It is a demand of the Syrian Opposition that they are released and Assad held accountable for this.SNHR, Deaths by torture since 2011.jpg

#Free The Detainees #Save The Rest. These are the two hashtags used to  denounce enforced disappearance and torture.  We must add #Under Torture.Under torture on October 24, Syrian National Coalition, October 28, 2018, jpg.jpg

Marc Nelson paints the prisoners using the hashatg #Under Torture. His art is committed to denounce Assad’s crimes.

This is the first  violation of the UN Charter.

We  must add  chemical weapons , wich are prohibited by the Convention on Chemical Weapons. Napalm, sarin: civilians have been bombed by all of these.Assad chemicals, August, 21, 2017

#Chemical Assad.

Many  towns were besieged and the population starved by the siege: this was the case of Ghouta, for example.

He systematically destroyed the whole country , bombed civilians , wich constitutes a war crime .Assad war crimes, October 29, 2018, png.png

Now, as the Syrian National Coalition calls for a political transition in conformity with the Resolution 2245, it is logical that Assad should be expelled from the power and held accountable for his crimes.

It is normal, also, that the Syrian Regime should be expelled from the United Nations, wich prohibit ill-treatment of civilians.

As its cooperation with other countries, it was with Russia and Iran, accomplices of his crimes.Assad war crimes and the world, October 29, 2018, jpg.jpg

In all his actions since 2011, he violated the principles of the UN Charter: he must pay the consequences .



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