Why US elections matter to me, although I am not American

American elections of November 6th matter to me because of Trump’s foreign policy.

I am very involved in supporting human rights in the Middle-East, and his policy in this region is cruel and inhumane.

First, the best known is his immigration  measure, ICE, wich separates families at the US border and closes the US territory to all Muslim refugees ; I have written on this issue, because putting children in cages is purely inhumane.#Children in cages, October 24, 2018, png.png

#Children In Cages  is the hashtag on Twitter to protest against this measure.

They are, of course, marches and protests against it; people demonstrate with banners on wich are written “Abolish ICe” and “Families Belong Together”.FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch-02.jpg

The USA are built on immigration, save the Native Americans, and Trump ignores it.

Refugees coming from a country at war , such as Syria, or a  dictatorship, such as Iran, can no more find a shelter in the USA because of Trump’s policy.

Unlike this, he has good relationships with Saudi Arabia. This country is responsible for a humanitarian disaster in Yemen by the war it leads to this last: one of the wealthier land against one of the poorer.Trump and Saudi Prince, October, 24, 2018, .jpg

Saudi Arabi shelling on Yemen, but Trump  continues selling arms to the country, HRW on Twitter, April, 28, 2018.jpg


Moreover, Saudi Arabia is a religious dictatorship: the imprisonment of opponents such as Raif Badawi shows it. #Free Raif.Raif Badawi, April, 21, 2018.jpg

Collaborating with a dictatorship is not a good foreign policy for a country wich pretends to be an example of democracy in the world.

As for Syria, the Syrian Network for Human Rights says that the US led coalition killed many people.

Damages of the US led coalition in Raqqa.jpg


This is why these elections matter to me: Trump’s foreign policy , especially in the Middle-East , is a disaster and purely inhumane.

Can we hope that the Middle-East know better after these elections?

For me, I really wish.

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