#Aid To Rukban

The Rukban Camp is now besieged by Assad’s forces, and Jordan has closed its borders.Civilians starve in the camp, and refugees are dying by lack of food and medical care.

The Syrian National Coalition has called to the international community for help, but, as usual, trucks are hijacked by Assad .National Coalition calls to aid for the Rukban Camp, October, , jpg.jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

The situation is now desperate, and activists , on Twitter , use the hashtag #Aid To

Rukban to express their solidarity with the refugees trapped in this camp of death.

I use this hashtag on Twitter, and I use it in this post: I write it in solidarity with the refugees of the Camp.Al Rukban Camp, October 21, 2018, jpg

The closing of frontiers by Jordan add to the despair of the situation. Refugees of the Camp cannot look forĀ  any help: they are under blockade by Assad, without access to basic necessities.Jordan closes its border to refugees of Al Rukban Camp, October , .jpg

Al Rukban Camp under blockade, Syrian National Coalition, October 14, 2018.,jpg.jpg

This photo is equally property of the Syrian National Coalition.

The deaths are now numerous, says the Syrian Network for Human Rights, especially in women and children, the more vulnerable part of the population .

We must all are in solidarity with the refugees of Al Rukban, against Assad’s war crimes . Al Rukban is no more than another war crime in a long list.

#Aid To Rukban.

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