Assad breaks Idlib Agreements

According to the Syrian National Coalition, yesterday, Assad Forces broke the Idlib Agreements, so welcome by the Opposition and the population when they were signed.Syrian National Coalition welcomes Idlib Agreements, October20, 2018, .jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

In effect, these Agreements between Russia and the Syrian opposition allowed to protect civilians : they implemented a truce in the fights, and the bombings have ceased; Turkey was the guarantee.

They were signed in Sochi, and were in accordance with the Resolution 2254. War crimes in Idlib by Russia and Assad could be no more committed, because Russia implemented a ceasefire: this one , unlike the others, would be the definitive.

An English translation is given by Al Jazeera of these Agreements: it is a Twitter Screenshot of its account, on September , 17th, the day when the Agreements were signed.Twitter Screenshot of Al Jazeera on Idlib Agreement, September 19, 2018, .jpg

Of course, with the new of the Syrian National Coalition, we see that this truce is no more definitive than the others: Assad violated it, with his forces.

Idlib is no more protected , and the inhabitants could be bombed at every time, by Assad or by Putin.

The source of the new is reliable , it is the interim government of the Syrian Opposition: it says that the FSA has taken again arms against Assad to protect civilians.

Meanwhile, refugees , victims of the conflict, continue to die in Al Rukban Camp.

Assad , Putin,and Rouhani are responsible for war crimes and cannot be believed : they break all the truces they sign.


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