Trump’s dangerous behavior

As protests are growing across the USA, and the elections approaching, Trump’s behavior deserves an analysis.

I qualify it as dangerous, because he absolutely wants a war with Iran .Meanwhile, he closed the doors of the US territory to all the Muslim refugees, by the Muslim Ban.LA-protests-against-trump-refugee-policy-20-072

Syrians, particularly , suffer of this measure.When they flee their homeland because of Assad and Putin ‘s bombings, they cannot find a shelter in the USA.

The worse is the separation of children from their families: they are not only separated , but incarcerated, without other reason that the reversal of the DACA.Abolish ICE, July, 22, 2018pg.jpg

He provoked a scandal by declaring Jerusalem the Capital of Israel.Trump tweets on Jerusalem, January, 3, 2018.jpg


This is for his foreign policy.

Relating to his  policy in the USA, he made disappear the middle-class by privileging the big banks and what the Americans call “the 1°/°”, the wealthiest part of the population.

In many States, the right to abortion disappeared , with the reversal of the “Roe versus Waden”. Women have no more this right and fight for it.

As his election was controverted , he fired all the FBI directors who led an aggressive enquiry on the issue.Former FBI President Comey with Trump ,National Public Radio, Inc. US, April, 14, 2018.jpg Protect Mueller from Trump,Move on, April, 11, 2018

His tweets on Black people make of him a racist; the Black voters are registering for the elections not to be forgotten.

Minorities in general are bad considered by him : he had a project to sell a land wich is sacred to Native Americans.

All this explain the unpopularity of Trump in the USA and in some countries such as Iran , Syria, and Palestine.

Although he promised that US troops will leave Syria soon, can he be trust? Nobody knows.



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