Syrian opposition calls for Assad’s acountability

The Syrian Network for Human Rights just published a report calling for Assad’s accountability for crimes against humanity since 2011; here it is: Speech_by_the_Director_of_the_Syrian_Network_for_Human_Rights_at_the_United_Nations_en

The Director  of the Syrian Network for Human Rights calls for the United Nations to implement the Responsibility to Protect and to held Assad responsible under the Geneva Conventions and the International Conventions on the rights of civilians and the use of prohibited weapons.

It recalls that there is not dignity without accountabilty , and that since 2011 Assad has used torture , enforced disappearance, siege, and probited weapons such as chemicals.Chemicals on Syrian civilians, February, 3, 2017.jpg

These are clearly crimes against humanity, and Assad must be judged for this.

There are still prisonersAssad detainees, Syrian National Coalition, July, 21, 2018XL.jpg

, and we know by the Syrian opposition that some died under torture.

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition, wich published it yesterday again, to show the actuality of the problem.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights documented those who died under torture: 198_died_due_to_torture_in_Syria_in_8_2018_en

In the prison of Sadnaya, we know that there were gas owens, like in nazi camps: Sadnaya, Gas Ovens, SAC,May, 17, 2017.pngSadnaya, Gas Ovens, 2, , SAC, May, 17, 2017.png

Civilians were the target of the bombings, and the victims of all these crimes . In all Syria, the same means were employed : bombings of hospitals, of schools, of vital facilities, so that the population had no more access to anything , and tried to flee when it was possible..Displaced people in Syria, The Syrian National Coalition, July, 24, 2018jpg.jpg

5 persons were displaced in Syria in 2017 in every minute, Syrian National Coalition, May, 2nd_XL.jpg

These photos are property of the Syrian National Coalition.

The only rescue of the population in this slaughter was , and is still, the White Helmets.The White Helmets in Idlib, August, 31, 2018.jpg

Here, they are in Idlib, the last town to resist.

But the population of Idlib demonstrates to topple Assad.Demonstration in Idlib , September 14, 2018.jpg

The conclusion of the Syrian opposition is: bring Assad to justice.

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