Why I write for Raif Badawi

I write for Raif Badawi because he is now imprisoned since  more than six years only for having created a blog.

This lack of freedom of expression is revolting , and I wrote several posts to support him.

I will write  until he is free, for blogging is not a delict , save in Saudi Arabia, where King Salman forbids every form of free expression.10-ans-de-prison-et-1000-coups-de-fouet-pour-insulte-a-l-islam.j, Raif Badawi,, Paris Match, July, 23, 2018pg.jpg

There  is a petition you can sign for his liberation:


On Twitter, you can tweet for him using the hashtag #Free Raif.Free Raif, May, 23, 2018t

People demonstrate for his freedom, but there is no event where I live.raif-badawi-protest-, July, 23, 2018.jpg

Tweeting and writing are the only forms of support I can add to this cause wich is close to me.

Freedom of expression is a human right and Saudi Arabia violates it by jailing Raif Badawi.

His wife created the Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom in the Arab World and regularly urges the Canadian Prime Minister to make more for the liberation of her husband.

The petition of Amnesty is of Amnesty.ca:


In effect, she and her children are now Canadian citizens , while Raif is imprisoned in Saudi Arabia without any available reason.Free Raif Badawi, June, 5, 2018.jpg

Raif Badawi 's Son, , Dode,April, 3, 2018, property of Raif Badawi.jpg

I write without available reason for blogging is not a delict. It is a form of expression .

There is no more conclusion to add that : Free Raif Badawi for he is a prisoner of conscience.




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