Free all prisoners in Iran

Although I am not Iranian, I know there are many prisoners in Iran who are detained unjustly.Narges and prisoners in Iran, October, 4, 2018jpg

This injustice includes lack of arrest warrant, lack of lawyer, arbitrary detention, and absence of a fair trial.

This is the case of Mohammad Ali Taheri, Narges Mohammadi, and the British Iranian citizen Nazanin Ratcliffe .

Against this blatant injustice, people tweet to support these prisoners. I  also tweet, but I write this post to raise my voice in support of these prisoners.

The most famous is Taheri. He is an example of the absence of freedom of expression in Iran, for he is in jail only for his thought.Taheri, Twitter, July, 20, 2018jpg.jpg

In effect, he is a spiritual thinker, and his ideas are different of these of the Mullahs: for this difference of thought, the Mullahs Regime fired him of the University where he was a teacher, and imprisoned him without  a fair trial. He is still in jail for this only reason.

On Twitter, people support him with the hashtags #Taheri_Movement and #Free Taheri.

Narges Mohammadi is a political activist, but a peaceful one.In Iran, there is no possibility of activism, because the Regime does not bear a different political activity as this of the Mullahs. The policy of the Mullahs is a religious dictatorship, and those who dare have a political activity are systematically imprisoned .Now, Narges Mohammadi is at risk of the death penalty, wich means she can be hung without trial, only for her activism.Free Narges, Iranian activist, April, 15, 2018.jpg

You can act for her by tweeting #Free Narges.

The last prisoner I know is Nazanin Ratcliffe , who is a British Iranian citizen.  She was arrested at the Teheran airport , when she went to Iran to see her relatives; of course, she was arrested without arrest warrant, as usual in this country. Free Nazanin , January, 17, 2018.jpg

The reason given for her arrest was she was “spying”…

She is now imprisoned since a while, without trial and available reason.

Her husband, the British citizen Benjamin Ratcliffe created a petition on The link is here :

I signed it and shared it: you can do the same, for the petition is not closed.

You can also tweet with the hashtag #Free Nazanin.

There are many other prisoners in Iran, but I write for these I know.

You can act for them, for you live in a democracy, unlike them.


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