Hold Assad accountable for the detainees

The problem of the detainees is well-known for me : I wrote several posts on this .

The problem is the number of these detainees , and their fate : we don’t know what they become, where they are .

The name of “detainees” is employed, but also this of “disappeared” , for this reason.

Assad used enforced disappearance as a tool of war, and his victims are numerous across Syria.Syria detainees, August, 15, 2018jpg.jpg

The Syrian National Coalition stresses that the problem of the detainees must be on the table at future negotiations.Syrian National Coalition on detainees, August, 31, 2018_XL.jpg

Their freedom is a stake of the success of the Revolution.For the detainees in Syria on a wall, Syrian National Coalition, August, 6, 2018.jpg

Assad detainees, Syrian National Coalition, July, 21, 2018XL.jpg

These two photos are property of the Syrian National Coalition.

On Twitter, people tweet for the detainees, using the hashtag #Freedom For The Detainees .

I do not tweet , I write for them: this is my involvement .

Freedom for the detainees .

Hold Assad accountable for their detention.


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