Idlib: the people still wants the downfall of the regime

Idlib is now besieged by Iranian militias, and the Lebanese Hezbollah backs Assad’s crimes, as warms the Syrian National Coalition.Iranian militias in Idlib, Syrian National Coalition, September 22, 2018_XL.jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

The battle is intense , but amidst this, what maintains inhabitants of the town are the core values of 2011.Idlib, September 13, 2018.jpg

The goal of the Rebels is to topple Assad and the Islamic State, so that Syria is free.

In a humanitarian crisis, as says Amnesty International, people live with the hope of the downfall of the Regime, as in 2011.

Civilians suffer of the war crimes committed by Assad and his accomplices. Girl of Idlib, Amnesty, September 22, 2018pg.jpg

The situation is complex, and maps change everyday.

Idlib is the decisive battle: if the Rebels win, the Revolution is a victory  , and Assad will be judged by the International Instances, such as the ICC at the Hague.

The UN envoy for Syria has collected documents on Assad’s crimes, but the Commission is not ready to sit.UN Judje of the Commission for Assad's war cimes, September 22, 20181_XL.jpg

This is the French envoy of the Commission; this photo is equally property of the Syrian National Coalition.

In fact, it will not be, as long as the battle of Idlib is  existing.

This decisive  battle is the stake of the Revolution Syrians believe in , after eight years of genocide.

Yes, the people still wants the downfall of the regime.Demonstration in Idlib, Syrian National Coalition, September, 1st, 2018_XL.jpg

The Opposition is organized, such as the Syrian National Coalition, wich is the interim government of the Revolution.It has media, such as the Syrian Network for Human Rights, and the Syria Awareness Campaign.

The victory of the Rebels in Idlib would be the victory of the Revolution of 2011.

This is why we must are all eyes on Idlib, because of the huge stakes of this battle.


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