Shawkan sentenced to 5 years of jail

Shawkan, the Egyptian photographer, has been sentenced to five years of jail under the fake accusation of “spying”. In 2013, he covered a demonstration in Cairo, and this was the pretext of accusing him of “spying”. We all know the lack of freedom of expression in Egypt, and the case of Shawkan is exemplary of it.

He only did his job as a photographer, and below are samples of his “spying”: streets, landscapes, people in streets of cities.Work by Shawkan , jailed nearly 5 years, and who received the 2018 price of UNESCO for his work, May, 1st.jpg

Photo By Shawkan, April, 21, 2018.jpg

Photo By Shawkan, February, 27, 2017.jpg

According to the CPJ, he could face death penalty, and his health is deteriorating by solitary confinement.

A campaign is active to free him since 2013; here is the link:

What you can do : tweet  #Free Shawkan, and #Save Shawkan.Free Shawkan, August, 12, 2017, Twitter.jpg#Free Shawkan, April, 7, 2018.jpg


He had not a fair trial , and was sentenced in a mass process where 75 persons were judjed at the same time.Shawkan in Court, Press Behind Bars Account on Twitter, April, 21, 2015.jpg

But the new that he could be soon released is now existing . I wish it is not a fake new, and I am looking for his freedom, because he committed no crime.

Photographing is not a delict, and I am looking for the moment I can share with you the new of his liberation.

Until this, he is  still behind bars.Shawkan behind bars, September 16, 2018png.png


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