Civilians of Idlib

As Assad is targeting the city of Idlib, the last nest of the Resistance, civilians suffer of the lack of everything, but they stand for the Rebels.

Demonstrations take place, in solidarity with the Rebels.Idlib, September 14, 2018

The core values of 2011 are not forgotten: freedom, dignity, equality, social justice, which is democracy.

First, civilians had fled the town, but they have returned to it, despite the danger.

In effect, cluster munitions have been found on the ground, and the United Nations have denounced their use: they are illegal under all International Conventions.weapons in Idlib, September 14, 2018jpg.jpg

The Opposition fighters have the determination to fight against Assad and the Islamic State, and for the values of the Revolution, the core values of 2011.

Civilians , including kids, lack of basics , because nothing enter the city, save the tanks of Assad.

They wait, victims of the intense battle, in the remaining houses: most have been bombed, but amidst ruins and tunnels they are looking for the victory of the Rebels.

Children are the most vulnerable targets , as the elder.Civilians of Idlib, September 14, 2018

We must pay attention to the daily events of Idlib, for the future of the Revolution is here.

The Opposition, such as the Syrian National Coalition, and the Syria Awareness Campaign, provides us reliable information on them .

But now it is up to the United Nations to take a decision and listen to the recommendations of the Syrian National Coalition.

It is a good thing to denounce the use of cluster munitions:it would be better to take measures on it, and condemn Assad for it.

Civilians of Idlib deserve freedom, and the respect of the United Nations .



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