All #Eyes On Idlib

Idlib is the last nest of the Resistance to Assad.

Now , the Revolution has entered its eighth year , and Assad-Putin-Rouhani made of it a genocide.

The present situation in Idlib is an intense battle, but the victims are the civilians. We all know that Assad violates the Geneva Conventions.Civilians of Idlib, the Syria Awareness Campaign, September 13, 2018.jpgChildren of Idlib, September, 13, 2018.jpg

The Syrian National Coalition warmed that Idlib could be worse than Ghouta, and now it is .This is the reason we must keep our eyes on Idlib, to observe the crimes of Assad and denounce them.

What is in Idlib is not crimes against humanity, it is war crimes.The tolls are high, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, and to the Syrian National Coalition.772_civilians_were_killed_in_August_2017, Syrian Network for Human Rights, Sepember 2017

This one, the interim government of the Revolution, has met Western countries ‘s representatives, to discuss of the future of Syria, and to have their support. But the West remains blind and deaf to these exigencies. Meeting for Idlib of the Syrian National Coalition, September 13, 2018_XL.jpg

Even the recommendations of the United Nations are without effect. In Idlib, fighters fight  only with their courage, and with the support of the population, which demonstrates in their favor.Demonstration against Assad in Idlid, Syrian National Coalition, September 13, 2018.jpg

The fight is between  rebels against Assad and the Islamic State. The Rebels have a profound determination.The map below shows the forces in presence and who controls what; but mind the situation is changing everyday.Who controls what, September 13, 2018jpg.jpg

I keep my eyes on Idlib because I support the Syrian Revolution. #Eyes On Idlib, September 13, 2018.jpg

I want to denounce the misinformation of media, which claim the victory of Assad, and give him all the qualities. Western governments are ready to negotiate with him.

There is no negotiation possible with a man accountable for eight years of a genocide, a man who slaughtered his own people: his place is at The Hague, at the ICC.

Idlib must live, must win, because it is the decisive battle. Keep your eyes on it, for it is the future of the Revolution which is at stake here.




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