Abolish ICE

Abolish ICE for this measure is cruel and is a non sense of the Trump’s administration.

With this policy, kids are separated from their parents, and incarcerated.Trump policy facing DACA, May, 27, 2018., jpg.jpg

With all the actual problems linked to migration, due to the situation in the Middle-East, migrants are systematically refused the entry to the USA, and children separated from their parents and jailed.

Never a kid has suffered such a treatment before Trump. Before him, the DACA allowed children with relatives in the USA to ask for asylum .

But Trump reversed the DACA and now ICE is separating  families.ICE-DACA-Protests-Trump-AP-IMG, The Nation , September 19, 2017

Most Americans disagree with this , and the ACLU organizes marches in the whole country against ICE.Families Belong Together, HRW, July, 24, 2018.jpg

On Twitter, the hashtag #Families Belong Together express this disagreement.

There is a petition you can sign: act.credoaction.com

People demonstrate with banners showing this motto .Families Belongs Together, July, 13, 2018.jpg

Families Belong Together, July,, 30, 2018.jpg


I am against ICE, because a child shall never been separated from his family. Moreover, incarcerating a child is pure cruelty.

As I am not American, I host this protest here , in my blog .

I want to affirm that ICE must be abolished , and that families belong together .



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