Children of Idlib

It is an evidence that civilians are targeted as fighters in Idlib, but in civilians, children are the most fragile.Kid of Idlib, September 2nd, 2018jpg.jpg

In whole Syria, before Idlib, Assad targeted kids as adults, and now they are an easy prey .Under the Children Rights Convention, children must be protected in war times and war zones.Girl of Idlib, September 2nd, 2018.jpg

But we all know that Assad violates all International Conventions.The tolls are high:

According to the UNHCR and to the UNICEF, Idlib is now lacking of the basic necessities such as food and medicines.

For kids, we must add specific necessities:  sufficient food to grow in good health, vaccines, and, of course, education.

Schools and hospitals have been bombed by the Assad-Putin coalition ; for children of Idlib , it is dramatic.

Now, some live in refugees camps, because the population has fled the city, fearing the bombings.Children of Idlib, September2nd, 2018_

These kids are at risk of becoming a lost generation, as children of Ghouta before them.

As media are misinforming the public about Idlib, claiming that Assad has won the battle and the Revolution, I write this short post to give information on the situation : the battle for Idlib is not finished, the inhabitants suffer of its consequences, and amidst them, kids.

It is an evidence that children are the future of a nation, but children of Syria are an important stake of the Revolution.Children of Syria, September 2nd, 2018.jpg

In Idlib, they grow without the necessities of their age, and the Syrian National Coalition raises the alarm on displaced persons of this town.Children Of Idlib Syrian National Coalition August, 15, 2018jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

Displaced kids, which means refugees kids are the most vulnerable of them.

I write for them. I want them to have a normal childhood.


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