Free Nabeel Rajab on his birthday

Today on Twitter this hashtag was viral, because Nabeel Rajab will spend his 52nd birthday in jail.Nabeel Rajab on his birthday 2 , September, 2nd, 2018pg.jpg

Moreover, according to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, he will spend his third birthday behind bars; in effect, he is imprisoned since now 181 days, only for having tweeted  critics of the Regime.

The two birthdays are not to celebrate: they are the evidence that there is no free speech

in Bahrain , nor human rights.Political_cartoon_by_Carlos_Lattuf_on_Nabeel_Rajab_arrest, May, 25, 2018.jpg

On the site of, you can protest against this unjust imprisonment by sending a tweet for him .

There is no petitions for him at this occasion, but  relays the call  from NGOs.Here is the link :

Bahrain: Protesters celebrate Nabeel Rajab’s birthday and call for his release

You can act :  I have tweeted for him on the site of

Tweeting is not a delict, we all use social networks, and Nabeel Rajab is in jail for this.

There is no more to add that: tweet for him, for his birthday, for nobody should be jailed for tweeting and criticising the authorities.

Free Nabeel Rajab on his birthday.

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