Free the Detainees, Save the Rest

As Assad is pressuring the Opposition in Idlib, the Syrian Opposition in all its forms stresses on the problem of the detainees.Syrian National Coalition on detainees, August, 31, 2018_XL.jpg

Assad , since 2011, has used enforced disappearance and torture as a tool of war. It constitutes a crime against humanity. The detainees, Syrian National Coalition, September 1st, 2018pg.jpg

This picture is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

Since the Cesar Report, the Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented regularly all the cases of enforced disappearance., with their names, when it is possible.A_tunnel_without_end_en

The Syrian National Coalition calls the UN to held Assad responsible for the detainees before the ICC at The Hague.

On the ground, Syrians themselves demonstrate to have proofs of the existence of their relatives, disappeared in Assad’s prisons.Syrian disappeared, August, 31, 2018jpg

Demonstration for the detainees, Syrian National Coalition, September 1st, 2018.jpg

The second photo is equally property of the Syrian National Coalition.

The fate of the detainees remains in effect unknown; when they disappear, nobody can tell where they are and if they are alive. Some artists protest by their drawings.Drawing of Syrian detainees, CNN, September, 1st, 2018jpg.jpg

Moreover, the Opposition denounces the  systematical use of torture as a tool of war.

The more famous prison is this of Sadnaya, but it is not alone. In whole Syria, Assad has imprisoned and tortured people. Freedom for detainees, Syria.pngEnforced disappearance in Syria, Syrian National Coalition, July, 30, 2018jpg.jpg

Families want to know where they are , and they demand their freedom. Demonstration in rural Aleppo for the detainees, Syrian National Coalition, August, 6,2018.jpg

On Twitter, the hashtags #Save The Detainees, #Save The Rest , express this demand; it is the same with the account @Families For Freedom , wich represent the families of the detainees.

It shall be no peace as long as Assad uses enforced disappearance and torture , and as long as the detainees are not freed.

Assad must be judged , in effect, at The Hague, for crimes against humanity.




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