Idlib , the decisive battle

The battle of Idlib is decisive because many forces are in presence, and because the town is populated and close to Damascus.

The Syrian Regime is pushing its attacks in the city, forcing the inhabitants to flee it , when they can.Syria_Road_To_Idlib_, for Syrians fleeing the town, August, 26, 2018.jpg

Assad launched on Idlib chemicals, and he is pressuring his forces to conquer the town .File-Sputnik-Syrian-army-pressing-ahead-with-an-offensive-to-recapture-the-last-IS-stronghold-in-Syria.Idib, August, 26, 2018jpg

He is not alone in this, benefiting of the new complicity of Turkey. Turkish soldiers are helping these of the Regime .Turley accomplice of Assad in Idlib, August, 26, 2018jpg.jpg

Turkish soldiers in Idlib, August, 26, 2018jpg.jpg

The Opposition forces have to face this, and, moreover, the presence of IS.Fighters-from-the-Islamic-State-group-enter-Idlib-Syria., August, 26, 2018jpg.jpg

The Islamic State is present in Idlib , and is another obstacle on the path to freedom for the Opposition who wants to free the city.

As we can see, there are many forces in presence: first, the Syrian Regime, backed by Turkey; two, IS; three, the Opposition army , made of rebels from diverse origins : the only thing they have in common is their will to free Idlib and Syria from Assad and from IS.Syrie-des-raids-aeriens-font-18-morts-dans-la-province-d-Idlib

It is for this reason the battle of Idlib is decisive, and we are all #Eyes On Idlib. This hashtag is important on Twitter , and Idlib is important: it is even crucial .Syria, Eyes On Idlib, August, 21, 2018pg.jpg

First,let’s have a look on the Syrian Army, Assad’s forces: they violate all the laws of war, all the Geneva Conventions, by targeting civilians and not only fighters; they use prohibitted weapons, wich are chemicals.Assad want to conquer Idlib by all means, it’s clear.Assad chemicals, August, 21, 2017


On the other hand, the presence of the Islamic State is a supplementary obstacle for the Opposition . ISĀ  has entered the town, and eliminating it will be a mandatory goal to free Idlib.

Three, the rebels who compose the Opposition Army, whatever their origins, will not surrender ; they have the determination to fight until the liberation of Idlib, first, of Syria, in second.Syrian tag on a wall, August, 15, 2018jpg

This is why Idlib is a decisive battle.



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