1988 Massacres 30 years later

Today, August, 25, is the 30th Anniversary of the 1988 Massacres in Iran.

For those who are not informed of the matter, in 1988, the Mullahs Regime killed 30 000 political prisoners across the country .

In the memory of Iranians, it is called the ” 1988 Massacres”.Iran Massacres of 1988

Today is the 30th Anniversary, and the political context is this of Iran Protests calling for the end of the Mullahs Regime, and  a democracy in the land.

Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the Opposition has a democratical program, wich would transform Iran in a  democracy on the model of Western ones.Maryam Rajavi , Twitter screenshot, after Rouhani re election, May, 20,2017.jpg

But today Iranians commemorate this event, wich is a founding one of the Iran Protests.

This massacre of  30 000 political prisoners is emblematic of the religious dictatorship of the country.

If we add  it  to  poverty, we have the roots of the actual Protests.Iranian Protests, Twitter, December, 30, 2017

Today   Iranians mourn  and  they commemorate a founding root of the actual revolt calling for the Regime change.Free All Protesters in Iran , January, 17, 2018.jpg

The Mullahs Regime is known for hanging, for torturing, and the Massacre of 1988 is a symbol of these practices.Death penalty in Iran_Iran-is-about-to-execute-a-juvenile , April, 24, 2017

I write this short post to show my support to  this 30th Anniversary and to the Iran Protests.

Iranians want to topple the actual Regime , this of the Mullahs.

Today they think to a massacre  committed by them 30 years ago.



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