Ghouta, August, 21, 2013: we will never forget

On Twitter, on August, 21, the hashtag #We Will Never Forget was viral  about Ghouta.

Three days after, nobody is talking of Ghouta: it is forgotten . But it matters not to forget the events of this very day, because on August, 21, 2013, Assad launched on the town chemical weapons, including sarin. It made many victims and the UN Security Council condemned these actions.ResS17_1

It matters ,  for the Special Envoy for Syria , Stefan de Mistura, warmed the actual events in Idlib could be worse than Ghouta; and in effect, Assad used chemicals in Idlib as in Ghouta.Stefan de Mistura, special envoy to Syria of the UN, August, 16, 2018

If we have a look on the stats given by the UN on the chemicals in Syria, Ghouta is the worse city . The inhabitants were victims of prohibited weapons, wich can be destructive years after their use. COISyria_ChemicalWeapons.jpg


It is the reason it is important  not to forget civilians of Ghouta victims of these attacks: chemicals can effect on the moment but have  consequences  in time. Many were injured, many died .As usual, the most vulnerable, women and kids were the first to suffer of it . Moreover the city was besieged : they had nowhere to flee.Child victim of Chemical in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, April, 8, 2018.png

Now, in Idlib, Assad is using chemicals again .So, we will not forget Ghouta.Use of Chemical weapons on the 5th anniversary of Ghouta attack, August, 21, 2018.jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Idlib is not besieged , but the use of chemicals is the same : it is the reason we must not forget the past : five years after, in another city, Assad is committing the same crimes. We cannot be bystanders.Syria, Eyes On Idlib, August, 21, 2018pg.jpg

We will remember Ghouta because of the horrors of August, 21, 2013, and because of the present situation in Idlib.






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