Why Idlib matters

Idlib matters because , according to the Syrian Awareness Campaign, an Opposition Network, the battle for Idlib could be decisive.

Many rebels from Ghouta and other regions fled to Idlib, and they have the determination to fight until the end.

On the other hand, the Assad Army, backed by Russia , launched  many forces in the battle. As usual, prohibited weapons, such as clusters, were used . The United Nations, in May, yet, warmed, so, before the events,  that Idlib could be a humanitarian disaster, such as Ghouta. I will quote briefly the Special Envoy to Syria, Stefan de Mistura:

“If we see a Ghouta scenario in Idlib, this could be six times worse, affecting 2.3 million people,” Mr. de Mistura said.Stefan de Mistura, special envoy to Syria of the UN, August, 16, 2018.jpg

But in May, there was a truce between Russia and the Rebel Armies, the Opposition ones.

Now, in August, this truce is violated, and the battle for Idlib is intense.

Moreover, now, Assad is backed by Turkey.Turkey working with Russia in Idlib, August, 12, 2018.jpg

These are Turkish tanks fighting with Assad .

To sum up, Assad has the complicity of Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

The Opposition forces are alone facing all these enemies, but they have the determination to fight until the end to free the city.Syrian tag on a wall, August, 15, 2018jpg

Many Westerners think that Assad has won the Revolution, but it continues in Idlib, and the rebels , whatever their origins , want to free, first the town, two, Syria.Their moral is high ; the Syria Awareness Campaign quotes the “Time “of August, 8, 2018:

But the siege-until-surrender strategy that allowed the government to retake control of other territories may be less feasible in Idlib. The province is home to more than 2 million people, including 70,000 fighters belonging to more than a dozen rebel factions. Although many of these groups are aligned against one another, few are likely to raise the white flag if Assad’s forces stage a major operation. “The morale here is high–the rebels and fighters here in Idlib are ready for any attack by the regime,” Amer Abu Anas, an opposition fighter in southern Idlib, tells TIME. Abu Anas says that in recent weeks, rebel groups have cracked down on dissent in Idlib, arresting those they think could side with the regime or seek reconciliation. “There should be no room for negotiations with the Syrian regime. This time we will fight to the last man.”(http://time.com/5368872/idlib-syrian-civil-war)

In Idlib, the Revolution continues, whatever the forces launched by Assad and his accomplices.

Assad committed war crimes, as warmed by the UN: he targeted civilians , not fighters.

According to the Geneva Conventions, civilians must be protected in war zones , but Assad does not care : even kids are targeted .Children Of Idlib Syrian National Coalition August, 15, 2018jpg.jpg

This photo of a Syrian child is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

On Twitter, the hashtag #Eyes On Idlib is going viral.

I am, too, #Eyes On Idlib, and I write this short post to raise awareness on the fate on this city .

In effect, it could be  the decisive battle, and I wish success to the Rebel forces, the Opposition ones.

In idlib, the Revolution continues.




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