Iran: Free all protesters

Iran protests are spreading in the whole country, with people asking for democracy and the end of the Mullahs Regime.Iranian Protests, Twitter, December, 30, 2017.jpg

But the Regime answered by repression, and the protesters have been jailed.

On Twitter today, the hashtag #Free All Protesters was important. There was a Twitter Storm  for them.

Demonstrating is a right when you are discontent. This is true in democracies, where you can show you are discontent  by protests.

But this right is violated in the whole Middle-East and in the Gulf.

Iranians want a true democracy , and to topple the Mullahs Regime established since 1979.This is the reason of the protests.

The Opposition, conducted by Maryam Rajavi , has a democratical program; but the first step is to topple the actual regime.Maryam Rajavi , Twitter screenshot, after Rouhani re election, May, 20,2017.jpg

Protests , wich were making a hope in a true Regime Change, are repressed.

I write in solidarity with the protesters, to say : free all protesters.

Protesting is a right when you are discontent and want a change .

This post will be short , because there is no more to say that: free all protesters.


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