Save the detainees, Save the Rest

The two   sentences of the title are hashtags on Twitter.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights published yesterday a report on a citizen killed in the prison of Sadnaya by torture.The_citizen_Salim_Mohammad_Khair_al_Salloum_killed_by_Syrian_regime_forces_en

The Syrian National Coalition calls to the International Community to recognize these crimes against humanity.Syrian victim of Assad  wants him  to the ICC, August, 15, 2018pg.jpg

Syrian National Coalition Assad crimes cannot be forgotten , SNC, August, 28, 2017

Assad is committing a genocide in Syria since 2011.

Syrians remember the beginning of the Revolution, for it was peaceful.Syrian tag on a wall, August, 15, 2018jpg

They asked for justice, dignity, liberty, wich is democracy; and Assad answered by a genocide, methodically, towns after towns, by starving them by siege, by shelling, and by torture.Assad 's prison   Syrian National Coalition, August, 15, 2018_XL.jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

The battle for Idlib was of a strategical importance, but the UN  warmed of war crimes, in May, yet; the Special Envoy to Syria, Stefan de Mistura, stressed that Idlib could be a new Ghouta.And yes, Assad committed war crimes in Idlib.Stefan de Mistura, special envoy to Syria of the UN, August, 16, 2018

Today, I want to write for the detainees, for the disappeared, because they are the proof who can send Assad to the ICC for the crime of genocide.Syrian detainee, Syrian National Coalition, August, 16, 2018

This photo is also property of the Syrian National Coalition .

Free, they could speak for  whole Syria.

And I demand justice for Syria.

There will not be democracy with Assad at the head of the State.

The first step is to remove him , and to send him to the ICC , so he can be held  accountable for all his crimes, since 2011.SNHR, Deaths by torture since 2011.jpg




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