Assad to the ICC

Assad must be held accountable for the genocide he  committed in 7 years , and is still committing, with the complicity of Russia, Iran, and, now, Turkey.

For the crime of genocide, the only  competent tribunal is the ICC at The Hague.CPI, ICC, by HRW, November, 18, 2016.png

We must think especially of the besieged towns, of the shelling, of the chemical weapons, whose employ is forbidden by the international conventions.

Moreover, he is responsible for enforced disappearance, and torture in his prisons.Families cries their disappeared relatives, such as this mother showing the photo of her son: Syria Mother shows photo of her disappeared son , HRW, August, 30, 2017

The Syrian Network for Human Rights just published a report on a citizen killed by torture in the Sadnaya prison.Sadnaya gas ovens, Twitter, May, 23, 2017.jpg

This prison is known thanks to the Caesar Report published by Human Rights Watch under the title If The Dead Could Speak.

We know there was gas ovens in this prison.Sadnaya, Gas Ovens, 2, , SAC, May, 17, 2017.png

Sadnaya, Gas Ovens, SAC,May, 17, 2017.png

The problem of the disappeared is important. The Syrian National Coalition  urges the UN to do something to hold Assad responsible for his crimes.Syrian National Coalition  Assad crimes cannot be forgotten , SNC, August, 28, 2017.jpg

The UN, until now, condemned the war crimes committed in the battle for Idlib.

But the Russian Veto , the 12th , blocks all the path to international justice.

On Twitter, people tweet #Free The Detainees, #Save The Rest. I tweet myself for the detainees .Enforced disappearance in Syria, from March 2011 to August 2017, Twitter , Syrian Network for Human Rights, August, 2017

We cannot be a bystander facing such a situation.

We, in the West, live in long-established democracies: since the 18th Century; in the UK, the 17th.

In 2011, Syrians demonstrated for justice, dignity, equality, wich is democracy.

I fully support this Revolution.

Democracy is a right.We need to judge Assad to establish it . There will not be democracy until Assad is at the power.

I hope the UN will hold Assad accountable for his crimes .

There is no more to say that : Assad to the ICC for the crime of genocide against his own people.







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