The battle for Idlib

Since months and months, Idlib is targeted by Assad backed by Russia.

But these last days,Idlib is the heart of a battle between the forces of Assad,  backed by Russia and  Turkey, and , on the other hand, the Free Syrian Army, the FSA.The photo below is of Turkish tanks: Turkey working with Russia in Idlib, August, 12, 2018.jpg

On a map , Idlib has a very strategical place, because it is on the road to Damascus.It is an important step to conquer the capital.Turkey backs Russia and Assad in Idlib, August, 12, 2018png.png

The part in red is the zone controlled by Turkey ,Assad and Russia: it is Idlib governorate. .Map of Syria with_idlib., July, 19, 2018jpg.jpg

However, the world does not  care, and shelling take place in a total indifference from the dailies.

Civilians are the victims of these attacks, and it matters to speak of Idlib.Syrian Children as the war continues, August, 12, 2018jpg.jpg

Yesterday, I quoted the Syrian National Coalition on these attacks by the Assad Regime, and the tolls made by them.The Syrian Network for Human Rights provides information on Assad’s crimes.

In Idlib, many forces are concentrated for the battle: Assad, Russia, and they are backed by Turkey; there are also jihadists  linked to Al Qaeda .Below is a photo of Turkish soldiers who fight for Assad: Turkey observation_point_in_Syrias,.In Idlib battle, August, 12, 2018jpg.jpg

The Free Syrian Army , the forces of the Revolution , have to defeat all these enemies.

Civilians , who have fled the city, have come back, because they had nowhere to go.

The White Helmets work days after days to rescue them, to extract the injured and the dead from the ruins of shelled houses.As indicated in the photo, Idlib is under fire since 2017: Massacre in Khan Sahykhun by Assad, Twitter account of the White Helmets, April, 25, 2017.jpg

Assad has launched an offensive on the town, and his weapons are powerful against civilians: it is war crimes, according to international laws.

But Assad is committing a genocide against his people since 2011.

Idlib is only a step .It is a strategic step to conquer Damascus.

As the world does not care , I write these few lines to raise awareness on the fate of Idlib, of its inhabitants.

And I want to tell my support to the Free Syrian Army in the battle of Idlib and in the Revolution.


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