Saudi Arabia: Crackdown on liberties

These last times,  Saudi Arabia is violating freedom of expression, by imprisoning Raif Badawi since years for his blog, but also, since some days, his sister, Samar, who is part of the movement “The Saudi Activists.”Samar Badawi, sister of Raif Badawi, August, 5th, 2018.jpg

These women demand only freedom ,  because they have no rights in the Kingdom.

Let’s be clear: the “Women Drive” is not enough; women cannot wear freely, cannot leave home without a male relative, and have no right to free speech .Saudi Women, Twitter, August, 9, 2018pg.jpg

This movement is for the liberation of women in Saudi Arabia, for progress.On Twitter, they have an account, to express their demands ; social networks are their only field of expression, since they  are jailed.

Even men have no right to free speech, we can see this with Raif Badawi, sentenced to jail only for having blogged .10-ans-de-prison-et-1000-coups-de-fouet-pour-insulte-a-l-islam.j, Raif Badawi,, Paris Match, July, 23, 2018pg.jpg

On social networks, such as Twitter, the hashtags #FreeRaif, #FreeSamar, and #FreeSaudiActivists are important.

With them we can find #FreeThe3, wich refers to prisoners of conscience arrested when they were teenagers . Since this date, they are in Saudi jails, without perspective to be freed.Free Raif and the 3, Amnesty, August, 9, 2018jpg.jpg

This post is an activism one, as often.

I write it to support Raif Badawi, Samar Badawi, the Saudi Activists, and the 3.They are all prisoners of conscience, and should be released .

I write it to tell my indignation before these blatant violations of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

My conclusion will be short: free Raif Badawi,  free the Saudi Activists, and free the 3.






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