Free Samar Badawi

My precedent post was for the Saudi Activists in general, but this one is dedicated to Raif Badawi’s sister, Samar.

As an activist myself, who wrote many times for Raif Badawi, today I blog for his sister, arrested for having demanded progress and rights for Saudi women.

Women have no rights in Saudi Arabia, we all know this ; the “Women Drive “is not enough.

Demanding progress and exercising the right to free speech is normal , it is a human right, save in Saudi Arabia, where it is a delict wich leads you to jail.

The Saudi Activists are 10, and Samar Badawi is part of them .Saudiactivist

On Twitter, the hashtag #FreeSamar is important these last days. I tweet myself , and this short post is only the prolongation of my tweets for the Saudi Activists and for Samar Badawi .

Free the Saudi Activists, free Samar Badawi.

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