#Eyes On Idlib

The  hashtag #Eyes On Idlib is very important these last days on Twitter. People pay attention on this town, wich is again targeted by the Assad Regime.Idlib, MSF, August, 6, 2018jpg

This photo is property of Doctors Without Borders .

I say “again”, because the place of the city is strategic, and Idlib has been many times under bombs. All truces have been violated.Map of Syria with_idlib., July, 19, 2018jpg.jpg

The population has fled the town, and them , is come back to the rest of the city, amidst ruins.

People live thanks to the Red Crescent and to the White Helmets.White Helmet in Idlib , The Syria Campaign, July, 19, 2018.jpg

Women of Idlib, The Guardian, July, 19, 2018jpg.jpg

Now, in this context of the Syrian genocide, the International community does nothing for civilians of Syria.

Idlib is just an example, because it has been bombed so many times…Massacre in Zardana, rural Idlib, Syrian National Coalition, June, 9, 2018XL.jpg

The Syrian National Coalition calls for the UN to investigate Assad’s crimes against humanity, but the world does not pay attention.

So, on social networks, supporters of the Syrian Revolution are all #Eyes On Idlib; this town has to live,its inhabitants have to be safe, not to Assad’s mercy.

This is the reason why I am, too, #Eyes On Idlib.

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