Free the Saudi Activists

We all know that Saudi Arabia jails its dissents, by the case of Raif Badawi, but now a movement is born in Saudi women, and these latest are imprisoned for their ideas.

The “Women Drive” has been seen as a progress, but Saudi women have no rights : so , Saudi women are making activism for more freedom and more  rights.

They are know , thanks to social media, as the “Saudi Activists”. Raif Badawi’s sister, Samar Badawi , is part of the movement who wants more progress in Saudi Arabia.

As photos speak more than words, I will insert  photos of these activists.Saudi Activists arrested, August, 3d, 2018



Human Rights Watch denounces their treatment : Human Rights Watch banner for Saudi Activists, August, 3d, 2018png.png

There is a petition demanding the liberation of these 10 women; here is the link:

Please sign and share this petition , because King Salman stays strong on his position, and keeps them imprisoned, as Raif Badawi.


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