As ICE is closing the US territory to migrants , and separating children from their families, the call for the DREAM Act , or DACA, is very important: marches are organized to support it, and against ICE.DREAMERS protest, January, 20, 2018.jpeg

The DREAM Act, and the DACA , allow immigration of refugees ; the second, the DACA, permits to kids who have family in the USA to be reunited with their relatives.

Under the current laws, it is not possible. Trump built a wall around the territory,  with the whole world, especially  Muslim countries.

As America is built on immigration , the Dream Act is on the path on its traditional policy.Trump broke it.

Supporters of the Dream Act, who called themselves DREAMERS, demonstrate frequently, to show their existence to the power.  The movement is in the path of the Movement for Civil Rights, in the 60th.

The DACA is supported on-line by families of refugees : broken families, who wants to be unified again. In the actual context of the Middle-East, you can’t let a child in his homeland, or in no land zone, alone without his parents.

“Pass the Dream Act Now” is a recurrent exigency of the Democratic Party, and of people concerned by this measure.

“Pass the DACA” is another one, of the same importance.

The other one is “Abolish ICE”.

In all cases , it is Trump’s broken policy on immigration which is put on question.

We are in  a context where people call to the resignation of Trump, comparing him to Nixon.And we must not forget that the elections are in November.#Trumpgate.jpg

Until the abolition of ICE,  there will be protests, which are justified , because a large part of the population is looking for the renewal of the DACA.

Abolish ICE , and save the DREAMERS.


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