Free Khalil Al Halwachi

We all know that Bahrain regularly violates human rights, but the case of Khalil Al Halwachi is absolutely unknown.

I write this post to put it under light, because all violations of human rights are concentrated in it.Khalil_Al_Halwachi-Scholars At Risk, July, 27, 2018jpg.jpg

The association Scholars At Risk , wich acts for academics, is very concerned by his case.Here is what they write about him:

June 12, 2018 — Scholars at Risk (SAR) is concerned over the ongoing imprisonment of Professor Khalil Al-Halwachi, an engineer and academic instructor who has been sentenced to ten years in prison in retaliation for his nonviolent expressive and associative activity.

SAR understands that on September 3, 2014, Professor Al-Halwachi was arrested in a raid on his home. On March 23, 2017—after more than two and half years in custody and over 20 postponements—a court ruled to convict and sentence Professor Al-Halwachi to ten years in prison on charges of “possession of a weapon,” which was allegedly found by authorities during the raid. He was also charged with “insulting the judiciary,” reportedly in connection with due process concerns Professor Al-Halwachi raised at a May 2016 hearing. Professor Al-Halwachi has maintained that evidence of the weapon was fabricated and that he was prosecuted in retaliation for his peaceful activism. Professor Al-Halwachi is scheduled to return to court on September 3, 2018 as part of his appeal proceedings.

In effect ,before his arrest, he was a Professor, and was arrested at home, without arrest warrant. He was kept in custody for more than two years , and never had access to a lawyer.His trial was postponed several times, and he was sentenced to ten years of jail for having a weapon at home.

This is only a pretext, because we are informed by the FIDH and the Bahrain Center for Human Rights of all violations of human rights in this Bahrain, FIDH, July, 28, 2018png.png

Bahrain jails his academics , for they can be a source of opposition .Khalil Al Hahwachi was a peaceful activist: in Bahrain,this is a reason to be arrested, and sent to prison.

Those who remain free have their passport confiscated, so they cannot leave the territory.

If you read this post and are revolted by all the violations of human rights in the case of Khalil Al Halwachi , there is an action for him on the site of Scholars At Risk ,


The direct link to his case is :

There is no other conclusion than: free Khalil Al Halwachi.






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