With Syrian refugees

As Idlib and Daraa are still targeted by shelling, the number of Syrian refugees is growing.syrian_refugee_crisis, July, 27, 2018.jpg

According to the UNHCR, they flee to Lebanon or to Jordan, border countries.

Lebanon is the most populated  by camps, and these ones are overcrowded.

Syrian refugees  live in precariousness, and most of them are kids and women, the more vulnerable of the people.Syrian refugee kid, Twitter, July, 27, 2018.jpg

In Jordan, their conditions of life are not better: camps, without education for children, and access to the necessity.

They rely on the donations of the UNHCR.

It is an emergency situation , and the Syrian National Coalition raises the alarm on it..Displaced people in Syria, The Syrian National Coalition, July, 24, 2018jpg

Syrian refugees Camp, Syrian National Coalitio, July, 27, 2018XL.jpg

These two pictures are property of the Syrian National Coalition, the interim government of the Revolution.

They are refused by the USA, because of Trump ‘s policy, so they don’t ask for asylum in this territory, where they could find a safe heaven.

They live in emergency camps in countries wich welcome them. Lebanon and Jordan are poorer than the USA, but more welcoming to asylum seekers.

As a result, they do not live in comfort, but in camps, in a total precariousness.Syrian children refugees, July, 27, 2018.jpg

We must think of Syrian children, without access to education : they are at risk of becoming a lost generation. Syrian children, July, 27, 2018jpg

Writing this post, I think to all the teachers who  could be useful if they were sent in these refugees camps; of course, they are in Lebanon and in Jordan, but the first necessities are satisfied, not education. As usual, only the White Helmets provide them a bit of education: The White Helmets educating children to shelling, February, 11, 2018.jpg

But the shame  is Trump’s policy towards refugees: in the USA, Syrian  migrants could find a heaven, and begin a new life, in comfort.

DREAMERS protest, January, 20, 2018.jpeg


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