Today I blog for Raif Badawi

I have written many posts for Raif Badawi, and here I want to raise my voice, once more, for his liberation.10-ans-de-prison-et-1000-coups-de-fouet-pour-insulte-a-l-islam.j, Raif Badawi,, Paris Match, July, 23, 2018pg.jpg

These last times, Saudi Arabia is under light because of its war with Yemen, and most people are focused on this: as them, I am shocked by the fate of Yemeni.

But I don’t forget that Raif Badawi is in jail since six years now , only for having blogged.badawi, July, 23, 2018_jpg.jpg

Blogging is expressing his opinions on the web, but there is no free speech in Saudi Arabia. His blog was liberal, and he was sentenced to jail and flogging for offence to Islam.-RAIF BADAWIjpg, July, 21, 2018

Despite petitions, demonstrations, and a site built by his wife in Canada for Freedom in the Arab World (The Raif Badawi Foundation), King Salman keeps him imprisoned .Raif Badawi is a prisoner of conscience, for he is in prison only for his ideas; we must all speak out for him, in the name of freedom and human rights.Free Raif Badawi, Amnesty July, 23, 2018.jpg

Free Raif Badawi, July, 23, 2018jpg.jpg

Moreover, this imprisonment keeps him far away from his family, who is now in Canada. His wife and children are free and Canadian, and meanwhile, he is in jail in Saudi Arabia.

I want, one more time, to speak out for his liberation: on Twitter, I do; this short post is only the continuation of my tweets.

Yes, this is an activism post, but I will write for Raif Badawi until he is free and reunited with his family.

There is no other conclusion that: Free Raif Badawi.


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