Abolish ICE and Dublin 2

Abolish ICE for this immigration policy is based on the separation of families.

Since Trump has adopted this measure, migrant  children are separated from their parents.They even can be incarcerated , whatever their age: there is no exception for babies.Families Belongs Together, July, 13, 2018.jpg

Abolish Dublin 2, because in the European Union, a migrant who arrives in a country is forced to give his digits in it, and then, he has no more  the right to leave this territory for another one.

These policies are cruel and inhumane .

In the USA, protests take place in the whole country  against ICE, with the mottos “Families Belong Together” and “Abolish ICE”.ICE-DACA-Protests-Trump-AP-IMG, The Nation , September 19, 2017.jpg

In Europe, some volunteers help refugees to cross the borders . In effect, their arrival is either Greece, either Italy.

Greece cannot welcome refugees , it is a failed country, it is so indebted that it lives only on subventions of the other members of the European Union.

Italy is wealthier, but it is not  the goal of migrants ; their goal is the UK .So, they have to cross the French frontier, and travel across the whole land, from South to North, to reach Calais harbor.

In it, they have a chance to have a boat to the UK.

It is normal that these migrants seek asylum either in the USA, either in the UK. The second language of all Arabs of the Middle-East is English.

But during their journey, they are in an illegal situation, because undocumented. To reside in Europe, you need a temporary residence paper (the equivalent of the US Green Card) .If you don’t have, you can be expelled.

The volunteers who help them are courageous, because they put themselves at risk of arrest for complicity.

I pay tribute to them,

And I pay tribute to all the Americans who march across the USA against ICE.Families Belong Together, 3, July, 13, 2018jpg.jpg

Abolish ICE for it is inhumane.

Abolish Dublin 2 for it is a non-sense to block a migrant in a country he does not want to live in ; this is stupid and cruel.



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