#Where is Taheri

On Twitter, the hashtag #WhereIsTaheri is very important these last days; it is as important as #FreeTaheri.Taheri, Twitter, July, 20, 2018jpg.jpg

#WhereIsTaheri means people ask themselves where he can be since he is in jail, for such a long time, even without a trial. His case is now disappearance.

His supporters, Iranians or not, claim for his freedom: #WhereIs Taheri means clearly that he is in prison unjustly .

He is an example of the violation of free speech by the Mullahs Regime.

He was a teacher, before being fired for his opinions, ; he is a thinker , and a mystic.

He committed no other “crime’ that thinking differently than the Mullahs .

He is now at risk of the death penalty , without a trial .Taheri at risk, July, 20, 2018jpg.jpg

We all know the high score of death penalty in Iran.

Death penalty for thinking as a mystic?

Iran violates in this the right to free speech, wich is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

On Twitter, the claim for his liberation is so powerful that it took the form of an account, @Taheri_Movement.Taheri Movement, Twitter, July, 20, 2018.jpg

I tweet for his freedom , and write this post to raise my voice against this blatant injustice wich is imprisoning a man on his thought, and sentencing him to the death penalty for it .

In some towns , people demonstrate for him, to support his liberation .There is no protest in my city.Protest for Taheri, July, 20, 2018.jpg

Demonstration for Taheri, July, 15, 2018.jpg

These few lines are my protest for his freedom.

#WhereIsTaheri or #FreeTaheri, whatever the hashtag, the importance is to obtain the freedom of a prisoner of conscience.




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