Paying tribute to the White Helmets

Today, Idlib was under fire, and the White Helmets worked hard to rescue the population .

On White Helmets in Idlib region, Break the Siege on Twitter, May, 10, 2018K.jpga map of Syria, Idlib has a very strategic place, so it was targeted by  Assad’s forces.Map of Syria with_idlib., July, 19, 2018jpg.jpg

Without the  committment  of the White Helmets, the inhabitants would have been without help nor rescue._White_Helmet. , July, 19, 2018jpg.jpg

The team works in emergency, including women , wich is not so usual in Arab countries.Women of Idlib, The Guardian, July, 19, 2018jpg

But  their work is so urgent that it admits no prejudices.

We all know their motto, found in the Qur’an , “Who saves a life saves the whole humanity”.

In Idlib this morning they saved many lives, in emergency, as usual.White Helmet in Idlib , The Syria Campaign, July, 19, 2018.jpg

This photo is property of the Syria Campaign.

Information in this post is from the Syria Campaign, wich provides news of the situation in Syria.The other is from the Syrian National Coalition, about Idlib.Massacre in Zardana, rural Idlib, Syrian National Coalition, June, 9, 2018XL.jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition: it is a shelling on Idlib.

In this short post I want to pay tribute to the team of the White Helmets, men andThe White Helmets team, The Syria Campaign, July, 19, 2018jpg.jpg(this photo is property of the Syria Campaign)

women, for their committment to rescue: it was seen today , as many times, in Idlib.


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