#Act 4 Daraa

The Twitter campaign #Act 4 Daraa has begun since the city is a battleground.Act for Daraa, July, 18, 2018.jpg

Now, the FSA has reconquered the town on Assad ‘s forces.
But the battle for Daraa has been long, and so the suffering of the inhabitants.FSA reconquers Daraa,, Al Masr, July, 18, 2018pg.jpg

On Twitter, I tweet myself for Daraa, and, as often, this post is an activism one.

I stand with Daraa, and write to show my support , as on Twitter.

We all Act 4 Daraa in our way, by posters, by painting, like Marc Nelson, who posted on this issue, and I , by writing.

The town has been targeted and the White Helmets rescued the injured: I pay tribute to their work, because they are the only help Syrians have on the ground ; we all know that the international trucks of supply are hijacked by the Assad Regime.The White Helmets in Daraa, July, 18, 2018png.png

In this very short post I want to Act 4 Daraa because Syrians deserve peace and human rights.Zero Impunity for Daraa, July, 18, 2018png.png

This will be my conclusion: #Act 4 Daraa.


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