How the World Soccer Cup killed Syria

Despite all crimes committed by Russia in Syria, the interest for the World Soccer Cup is very high in the public opinion.

One more time, indifference killed Syria, this time by the World Soccer Cup.World-Cup-2018-logo, July, 17, 2018.jpg

Yesterday was the match between France and Croatia, and France won.

By this hot summer day, as I was sitting on my balcony to relax, I could hear my neighbors shouting “We are the winners! We are the winners!”.France wins World Soccer Cup, July, 17, 2018.jpg

But I could not share their enthusiasm, because for me, the World Soccer Cup is definitely full of Syrian blood.Putin criminal, used as an answer to my post to boycott Soccer Cup in Russia, April, 8, 2018.jpg

I can’t forget Putin’s complicity with Assad, and all the Russian bombs dropped by Russia in Syria. They continued during this Cup, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights ; they issued a report on all the violations committed by Russia during this period ; the link is below:

Click to access Since_the_beginning_of_the_World_Cup_2018_Russian_Syrian_forces_have_killed_71_civilians_en.pdf

It doesn’t matter for me that my co-citizens won a match of this Cup; I don’t look at the other ones .

Russia is committing a genocide in Syria, it is accomplice of Assad, and I expect the time when this genocide be judged by the ICC.

Yes, Syria is a genocide, such as Bosnia and the Rwanda.

What importance is soccer facing this situation?

Moreover, yesterday, and the other matches, the winner is Putin .Vladimir_Putin_FIFA_World_Cup_Trophy_Tour_kick-off_ceremony., July, 17, 2018jpg.jpg

I am so committed to Syria that I can’ t bear this victory of dictatorship and genocide.

Soccer is a masquerade .

The reality is the Syrian genocide, and the Russian bombs in it .Tolls by Russian bombs In Syria, July, 17, 2018jpg.jpg

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