Free Taheri

Free Mohammed Ali Taheri, for he is innocent.2016-10-05_ Free Taheri_, July, 15, 2018.jpg

He has committed no crimes, and his imprisonment is unjust.

He is a former teacher, and a spiritual thinker; he is a mystic.

This mystical thought is the reason why  the Mullahs Regime  jail him : it is in absolute disagreement with the official religion of Iran, that of the Mullahs, who rule the country since 1979.

Clearly, Taheri is a prisoner of conscience; he went on hunger strike many times to protest against his fate, but without result.Mohammed Ali Taheri, July, 15, 2018.jpg

Facing this injustice, this of a man in jail for his thought, we cannot be bystanders.

We have a moral and political obligation to speak out against this injustice, to ask for justice for Taheri.

On Twitter, I tweet for him. The two hashtags #FreeTaheri and #Taheri_Movement are used in favor of his liberation.Taheri _Movement, July, 15, 2018.jpg

This short post is nothing more than a protest for his freedom.

People demonstrate for him.

I raise my voice today to  say : FREE TAHERI .

This will be my conclusion.

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