Families Belong Together

As Trump is continuing his inhumane policy towards migrants, protests are erupting¬† in the whole USA, under the chant “Families Belong Together”.Families Belong Together, 3, July, 13, 2018jpg.jpg

Although I don’t live in the USA, I want to speak out for migrants , especially for kids separated from their parents.

Yes, children are separated from their relatives, and even incarcerated.I host my protest for these kids on my site, to  say that Families Belong Together .Families Belongs Together, July, 13, 2018.jpg

No child should be incarcerated under the pretext he is a migrant, mostly from Muslim countries such as Syria, Iran, an other territories targeted by the Muslim Ban.

These kids were allowed to search for asylum when they had relatives in the USA by the DACA, but Trump reversed this measure.

Now, children can no more ask for asylum, and when they dare they go to jail, after being separated from their family.

Yes, Families Belong Together, and nobody should be allowed to separate kids from their parents.

This is my conclusion : I affirm strongly that Trump is wrong and that Families Belong Together.

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