Free Raif Badawi NOW

Mrs Badawi and her children are now Canadian, and meanwhile, Raif Badawi is still in prison in Saudi Arabia.Raif Badawi, July, 7, 2018.jpgRaif Badawi 's Son, , Dode,April, 3, 2018, property of Raif Badawi.jpg

His only “crime”? Blogging. We all know that there is absolutely no free speech in Saudi Arabia, and hisĀ  blog was liberal.

It is not the first post I write for Raif Badawi, but more than six years in jail for blogging is enough, and I write to speak out against this condemnation.Free Raif, May, 23, 2018t.jpg

I want to say one more time: free Raif Badawi NOW, because blogging is not a crime. He is a prisoner of conscience, and we must act for his release.

On Twitter, I tweet regularly for his liberation, and I want to write for him.

Amnesty International issued petitions for him . The link is below :

It is the petition of Amnesty Canada.Please sign and share.

Even in the country of Mecca, so rigid about Islam, is it necessary to recall that “The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword” ? This is written in the Qur’an; butĀ  King Salman has a very rigorous reading of the Qu’ran.#Free Raif.jpg

No interpretation is allowed.Stop the lashing of Raif Badawi, July, 7, 2018pg.jpg

Despite all petitions, all demonstrations, all tweets in favor of Raif Badawi, he is still imprisoned for an unjust reason.Vigil for Raif Badawi in London, January, 11, 2018.jpg

This post is only to raise my voice for Raif Badawi, to host on my site a protest for his liberation .

The conclusion will be short : FREE RAIF BADAWI NOW!


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