For Syrian refugees, I raise my voice

Syrians are fleeing Daraa and searching a shelter.Syrian refugees from Daraa, July, 4, 2018jpg

Border countries , such as Lebanon, are overcrowded, and don’t offer them this safe haven.

When they go to destinations such as France, wich has signed the Refugees Convention, they are not in security, especially kids, according to Human Rights Watch.des-migrants-installes-a-saint-denis-non_loin de la porte de La Chapelle, AFP, May, 10, 2017.jpg

The organization published yesterday a report putting in evidence the lack of protection for children migrants .

It is a shame on a country wich pretends to be an example on human rights ; on this point, it is a blatant violation of human rights to treat minors like that .The link of the report is below; it is in French:

Click to access france0718fr_web.pdf

In Syria, Daraa is still under bombings , and the population flee to find asylum : it is a basic human rights, for people living in war zones, to ask for asylum in safe territories such as Europe and the USA.Destruction in Daraa, Twitter, Daraa English Account, July 25, 2017

Concerning the USA, we all know the shameful policy of Trump in matter of immigration: US borders are closed to migrants, especially when they come from Syria , Iran and other countries at risk . The crime of these people looking for asylum? They are Muslims. The Muslim Ban is a strong barrier for them , it closes definitively them the US land .TrumpSyrians abandoned by the USA, Trump does not matter, The NYT, August, 12, 2017.jpg

In France, there is no Muslim Ban, all religions can be practiced, because the Religion and the State are separated since 1905 by a law. So, why this inhumane treatment of Syrian migrants?

This post will be short. I write it to say that every people deserve an asylum whatever his origins, his age, his religion.

For Syrians fleeing Daraa, I raise my voice.

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